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The "waterstick" John invented creates a crystal structure in a water sample from ordinary tap water. A waterstick is a crystal battery oscillating on an unknown zero point frequency, encased in a silver tube. The tube is left standing in the beverage for up to 10 minutes to change the structure. The ingredients are the same as the very simple version of the crystal battery. Any thin-walled silver tube or silver plated tube should work fine. A magnet is placed at the base of the tube before the mixture is poured in, to amplify the Casmir effect, and regulate the oscillations. As explained earlier, the mixture should be prepared, poured, energized, and cooled in a vacuum chamber to remove contaminants and tap zero point frequencies. Since the molecules themselves are as waveguides, the smallest contamination can impede the tiny zero point waveform. The vacuum also helps to align the molecules.

Japanese Dr Emoto has made interesting observations in the makeup of water molecules. He has discovered that under different circumstances, the molecules take shape as beautiful crystal structures. These circumstances include different styles of music, and different positive or negative impressions from casual observers.

Masaru Emoto

The photo on the left is a darkfeild microscopic picture of a water crystal from a mason jar with the words "You make me sick" on a piece of masking tape stuck to the Jar. The photo on the right is from a sample exposed to clasical music.

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