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Liar Liar, Pants on Fire
© Brian Allan 2001


This article began as an investigation into a possible mechanism behind poltergeist activity and related phenomena, but as the investigation proceeded, it became inexorably enmeshed within a completely unexpected area, namely the covert world of military intelligence, 'black' projects and superscience. While there may indeed be a separate, discarnate, spiritual explanation for the creation of anomalous sounds and the spontaneous, random movement of objects, there are other equally bizarre and worrying causes.

Due to relentless advances in technology, the dividing lines between science fiction and science fact become increasingly blurred. Yesterday's speculation becomes today's fact and tomorrow's inspiration and we are all sucked along inexorably in its wake. Unfortunately, most of these developments not for the direct benefit of the public, rather, they are developed with one thing in mind, military advantage. There are arguably spin off benefits for the public in terms of increased national security and employment in the firms who develop this body of knowledge, and it is possible that at least some of the beneficial technology will eventually filter into the domestic market.

Nonetheless, it is of great concern that many of these experimental and developing technologies are potentially dangerous and harmful in the long term to the very people they are meant to assist. This was brought sharply into focus when researching a project dealing with certain aspects of poltergeist phenomena, specifically the 'Hutchison Effect' (see 'The Poltergeist Machine' by Albert Budden, pub 1998 Nexus magazine). The background investigation quickly revealed areas of covert research and black projects hitherto only existing within the domain of science fiction writers and filmmakers.

My inquiries into the Hutchison Effect, (which takes its name from curious anomalies observed by Canadian researcher John Hutchison when studying electromagnetic phenomena), uncovered a clandestine world of treachery and stealth. Very briefly, Hutchison noticed that items of laboratory equipment both metallic and otherwise would spontaneously levitate and move around when certain pieces of electrical test equipment were in use. The objects in some cases weighed several kilograms. Unsure of what he had discovered, in 1978 Hutchison invited both the Canadian and American governments to evaluate his discoveries…in spite of repeated requests he is still awaiting their reports.

In April 1999, at the prompting and suggestion of fellow researcher Albert Budden, I sent a series of letters to The US Army Intelligence Dept. based at Ft. Meade in Maryland, USA. I requested, under the United States FOIA (Freedom of Information Act), a copy of a report on John Hutchison's laboratory findings. The report was compiled on behalf of the US Army by a team of specialists from the LNAL (Los Alamos National Laboratory). It is interesting to note that Ft Meade is also headquarters of the ultra clandestine, National Security Agency (NSA). The NSA is an even more secretive and elusive organisation than the CIA and is incidentally, one of the biggest recipients of 'black' funding from the US Government.

For example, it was the NSA who were behind a series of highly classified experiments intended to develop OHR (over the horizon radar) carried out at the combined RAF / US airbase RAF Bentwaters - Woodbridge during the late 1970's. Many researchers believe these tests were somehow responsible for the famous Rendlesham Incident, when, allegedly, a UFO landed in the depths of Rendlesham Forrest. Aspects of OHR technology have been used periodically in a clandestine attempt to disrupt the health of civilians without their knowledge. These are well-known and attested occurrences in their own right; therefore, I will not pursue them at this time.

My initial requests for information on the report were met with flat denials of both knowledge of the report and John Hutchison, which, while disappointing were not altogether unexpected. I passed these comments on to Albert Budden, who in turn was kind enough to send me copies of various items of correspondence between the US Army Intelligence Dept and John Hutchison that originated from within Ft. Meade. Using this valuable information, I was able to reinforce my renewed requests for a copy of the report by enclosing copies of these documents with my requests. Not surprisingly, this did not faze them in the slightest and they continued to deny all knowledge of the specially commissioned report and furthermore stated that the enclosed documents were forgeries.

I continued to politely press for a copy of the report still enclosing copies of their correspondence with Hutchison. Eventually they stopped denying the existence of the report and in what was rapidly becoming a buck passing exercise, directed me to another agency, The Space and Missile Defence Command. By this time, I decided to write directly to the LNAL where, after an initial response requesting clarification, I received some interesting feedback. The LNAL admitted that agents acting on their behalf but paid for by the US Army carried out a report. It also emerged that one of the main contributors, George Hathaway, proprietor of 'Hathaway Electrical Services', in Canada and a supposed friend of John Hutchison's, was actually working for and paid by US Intelligence.

Another character in the story named Anderson who was supposedly helping Hutchison to negotiate red tape and locate a copy of the original report, was, unbeknownst to Hutchison, a US Army intelligence officer. Fortunately, I have copies of various documents dating from the early 1980's to the present; these include correspondence between the US Army and John Hutchison plus my own correspondence. Unfortunately, although LANL accept that a report was prepared and helpfully reveal who prepared it, they also state that their original report has been destroyed and the report that the Army paid for has likewise been destroyed. While I concede that this is not impossible, given the sensitive nature and subject matter of the report I find it highly unlikely. Hutchison also informed the Canadian Government of his discoveries and invited them to evaluate his discoveries. They did this then refused to tell him the outcome of their evaluation because, "it was not in the interests of national security'.

From what I have been able to piece together from information available on current technology, it is my considered opinion that Hutchison accidentally stumbled across aspects of covert projects being developed by the US Army. According to a source within Jane's Defence Weekly, these 'black' projects concern developments in the use of focused, coherent electromagnetic fields. In this instance it is not the well known physiological and psychological effects, rather, it is the practical use of EM fields as 'beam weapons', or, a form of propulsion. One of the companies involved with the US military is Sandia Labs, who, along with other major US defence contractors like the Lockheed Martin Skunkworks and Raytheon are part of the vast military/industrial complex responsible for developing all covert and 'black' projects.

Sandia Labs are also deeply involved with nano-technology which although itself incredible, pales into insignificance when compared with other projects under development…'Beam Weapons'. These so-called 'beam weapons', virtually the 'tractor beams' much beloved of 'Star Trek', are easily capable of lifting weights of 300Kg into the air. The present smaller models are currently fitted to stealth helicopters for airborne evaluation with a considerable degree of success. Since all materials, irrespective of what they are, will, depending on the field strength react with magnetic fields to the point of actually levitating, and this includes human beings. It is now clear that many so-called 'Alien Abductions' may be directly attributable to covert field trials of devices such as this. If anyone doubts that 'friendly' governments are capable of this, there is ample circumstantial and historical evidence to suggest that they would.

The late 21st century is littered with instances of illicit projects being tested on unsuspecting civilians. Brainwashing techniques, irradiation, crowd control, the effects of venereal disease, the long term effects of electro-magnetic fields, exposure to micro waves, the list is a long one. It is already suspected that much of the UFO phenomenon is deliberately falsified and encouraged by specialised branches of the military to create a smoke screen disguising their operations. Another interesting programme using UFO mythology for its own ends, is the development of advanced weapons systems by a conglomerate of, once again, Sandia Labs, this time working with Phillips. The device in question is a small, powerful laser device for possible battlefield/medical use. This has been repeatedly covertly tested on cattle, and the incisions produce a clean, deep, round hole, which is cauterised by the action of the laser, (does this sound familiar to you), The removal of certain organs and blood is purely incidental and part of a deliberate UFO/ Alien disinformation campaign.

Many other designs currently under development are equally amazing; most of them fall within the remit of UFO research. At present some of the concepts include Xenon Drives (they produce a characteristic blue glow, does sound familiar?) electro-hydrodynamics, scram jets, even gravity modification. Speeds of mach 30, its all there if you know where to look and none of it is attributable to ET technology. Perhaps the two most exciting items are the EM aspects relating to drive technology for aircraft. One application is magneto-hydrodynamics. A device called a 'plasma torch' is fitted into the nose of the aircraft, which creates an EM envelope acting like a type of 'electronic Teflon' coating, which drastically reduces drag factor. Coils set further back in the fuselage of the aircraft create another, secondary EM field that actually accelerates the air passing the aircraft thus producing astonishing velocities. Due to the enormous speeds and the stresses imposed on pilots, these vehicles are UAV's (unmanned arial vehicles) flown by remote control and represent the next stage of development in extremely fast and manoeuvrable attack aircraft.

This unique technology was originally conceived in another application during the early 1900's by an Austrian forester Viktor Schauberger. He observed that water, as it meandered in streams, could easily be diverted into eddies and vortices by external influences. Once the disturbances had been created, they developed energies out of all proportion to the effort required to create them, in effect something for nothing. During the Second World War, these developments did not escape the attentions of Nazi party scientists who press ganged Schauberger into developing his theories for their own purposes, in this case for aircraft. Some time after the war, the Russians developed the technology, which had been spirited out of Germany at the cessation of hostilities, but typically, they ran out of money and shelved the project. Some years later, an American physicist came across the idea and reactivated the project; he also employed some of the original technicians who had worked on it. The US Govt. (not surprisingly) got wind of the project, could see advantages for themselves, and immediately classified the work.

These projects are of course only the tip of a dark mysterious iceberg, there are rumours of technologies and concepts that even now are still viewed as pure fantasy, these are time travel, matter transmitters, thought amplifiers and faster than light travel. These ideas are no longer pipe dreams; they already exist within the bewildering complexities of quantum physics. It is probable that some of them will involve rather more than nuts and bolts machines, turning instead to sub-microscopic particles, atoms, quarks, neutrinos and even DNA, the very building blocks of life itself. The new technologies may also draw their dynamic from latent energies within the human brain, energies that, where they are accepted at all, are still looked on as 'psychic phenomena'. Perhaps the interstellar voyagers of the future will not travel physically, preferring to allow their minds to span the incredible distances between the stars. Or, will technology advance to the point where a human being can step into a cabinet at one point and appear almost instantaneously in another one light years away.

Neither should we forget that the Star Wars programme of the Ronald Regan administration, which incidentally used the talents of a team of science fiction writers, has been reactivated, (if indeed is was ever actually shelved). The team of writers were mandated to dream up the requirements and the scientists involved in the project were mandated to make it work. Ultimately, although superscience such as this can be our saviour it can equally well be our nemesis.

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