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John Hutchison & Ronnie Milione

The Philadelphia Experiment Recreated!




Figure: AN/SPQ-9B Lightweight Back-to-Back Slotted Array Antenna
   The AN/SPQ-9 Surface Surveillance and Tracking Radar, developed by Northrop Grumman Norden Systems, Melville, NY, is a track-while-scan radar used with the MK-86 Gunfire Control system on surface combatants. It detects sea skimming missiles at the horizon even in heavy clutter while simultaneously providing detection and tracking of surface targets and beacon responses.

The upgraded SPQ-9B - which uses a high-resolution, track-while-scan, X- Band, pulse- Doppler radar - will enable detection and establishing firm track ranges on subsonic and supersonic sea-skimming missiles. The system concept includes a new air mode that provides a new, low-cost, quality sea-skimmer detection capability and a surface mode with improved performance in support of the MK 86 Gun Fire Control System and backup navigation.

The AN/SPQ-9B antenna provides for three beams. If an air target is detected in the main beam, two look-back beams provide confirmation and track promotion resulting in "single-scan" track disclosure to a ships weapon system.



frequency: X-Band
pulse repetition time (PRT):  
pulse repetition frequency (PRF):  
pulsewidth (PW):  
receive time:  
dead time:  
peak power:  
average power:  
displayed range: 10 nautical miles
range resolution:  
beamwidth: 1 degree
hits per scan:  
antenna rotation: 2 seconds

John Hutchison's miniature Philadelphia Experiment July 2006 Philadelphia Experiment button The Philadelphia Experiment to be Revisited by Ronnie Milione and John Hutchison Destroyer button
John Hutchison's miniature pretest of the equipment. Pretest of the Philadelphia Experiment button This is a clip of the standing waves John created in the water. Standing waves button

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