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Hutchison Effect Newsletter

After hundreds of hours of interviews, transcriptions, video editing, and web design it took to create this site, Team Hutchison can finally turn our attention to the X-Files Newsletter. Once classified ufo reports, Department of Defense documents, CIA bulletins and defense contractor revelations never intended for public scrutiny, are being organized and put together as newsletter issues.

As an ex-military defense contractor, John has used his defense contractor codes to bring to you never before released or intended to be released government documents. Included are exact plans and blueprints from John's own secret journals outlining almost every invention he has ever created as well as every unique device John Hutchison has ever been privy to. The startling revelations about the Hutchison Effect experiments that have never been made public, the portals, time anomalies, the torn open fabric of creation as never before reported, as never before even imagined.

The revelations about to be revealed are sure to inject some much needed influence into Hollywood which has been recycling the same themes since the 50's. Welcome to the realm of John Hutchison where the truth has always been stranger than fiction. Have you ever wished you could fly? Have you ever daydreamed of free energy and how it could change the world in the blink of an eye? Ever fantasized about time travel? Warp drive? Wormholes, portals, specters, the list goes on.

Everyone is included in John's plans to free the world from the grip of the oil barons and war-mongers. Some of you have it in your power to help. Subscription funds will be put to use to continue funding the experiments section. If you would like to join the "resistance", the subscription fee is $34.99. The paypal link just below will sort out all the details. You will also be given access to the basic members newsletters section (not the video sections )of this site for the period of one year.

This section will have the PDF archive of all the newsletter issues past and present, as well as links to articles and inside looks at the formulas, schematics, and chemistry behind the different experiments outlined in the skunkworks section.

We also have a new private video compilation,some of which has never before been made public. Some footage is too hot for the internet ;) There are over 750 videos in all in this collection. Basic Video members may only watch the videos, but the 34.99 option allows you to download the ones you like and reuse them for anything you like other than to resell them.. After checkout, you should be immediately redirected to the video library where you may visit as often as you like, and download them if you selected the download option when purchasing.


Don't let this opportunity pass you by to get involved and make a real and immediate difference in the world we will hand down to our children. John would like to thank the thousands of supporters over the years that have made all of this possible! This web site, and the continuing experiments therein is but a small example of how your support has been applied to increasing the public awareness of the discoveries that were also made possible by donations.

Knowledge is power! Thanks to everyone who has shown an interest. The site is here for education purposes, what you do with the information you learn here is entirely at your own risk and responsibility. Just look over our shoulders a bit and see if you get inspired to make a difference as well.

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Explanation: formulas, uses and experiments


Nikola Tesla

Tesla's Wardenclyffe tower, electric pierce arrow, and vacuum tube rectenna aka "Death Ray"


Zero Point Devices and theory for beginners.


Joeseph Papp

Infinite Energy


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