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The ancient Egyptians had many advanced scientific technologies, with much being found in picture form and in three-dimensional models throughout Egypt. Themes reflecting scientific knowledge and achievement can be found throughout the world in various ancient civilizations. These teachings seemed to center on electromagnetic energies. Wall reliefs depict scientists of that timeline able to work in fields of alchemy, biology, chemistry, dentistry, anesthesiology, air flight, and the electromagnetic energies of the Great Pyramid among other sites.

During the course of John's documentaries and experiments, he caught the attention of a UK film maker named Bruce Burgess of BLUEBOOK FILMS with the Discovery Channel. Bruce had made a documentary for Discovery about the legendary Ark of the Covenant. Have researching the subject extensively, one of the ideas that fascinated him was the prospect of re-creating the Ark of the Covenant. Having known of John through the film industry, Bruce commissioned him to partake in a new documentary for the Discovery Channel about the creation and testing of such a device.

The device worked, an electronic fog, orbs, zippy tiny lights appeared out of thin air, and very small light forms described as angelic miniature forms appeared to circle the angels atop the Ark. There are video links, as well as links to the documentary below. As things turned out, this Ark vanished, it was stolen! We were compelled to re-create another, made only of materials available to the ancients, with a power source built right inside. Legends say it was a radio to god. It was also considered to be the very first weapon of mass destruction, having been carried into battle on many occasions to secure a victory. The second Ark has 2 transceiver tesla coils wound oppositely and has the ability to be used as an ancient radio. Unsuppressed lightning strikes will reach as far as 6 feet or so from each solid brass eagle.

If suppressed and modulated, it certainly does make a very powerful radio. Also during John's experiments with his other tesla equipment, he achieved effects such as levitation, transmutation of elements, creation of new compounds, time manipulations, rapid ageing of samples, disappearing samples, and so on. The tesla coils are resonating frequencies that disturb the natural resonance that binds matter. The resulting harmonic casts aside the current laws of physics and thermal dynamics, to name a couple. These laws are suspended by what John describes as a gravity shield. This shield may also manipulate time as well if current theory n the subject is correct, that one force is interwoven with the other.

All of the legends of ancient technology seem to be plausible in the light of these new findings. Even the legend of the Philosopher Stone supposedly used as a catalyst in the transmutation of elements into gold had been described by alchemists as being everywhere, yet nowhere, abundant, yet having no mass, all around, yet unseen, complex, yet children could create it. It is also believed to be the elixir of life. Could the Philosopher Stone be frequency? Children whistle... A Rife machine is radio frequency based and could also be considered an elixir of life. Could the pyramids great blocks of stone have been levitated into place by an Ark designed to resonate in harmonic sympathy with the massive granite stones? As it was recorded, in the supposed time frame, one block would have to be placed every 2 minutes for 20 years... a feat still impossible with all of today’s manpower and equipment.

Could the harmonic fields have distorted time as well as reversed the Casmir effect on the blocks? Now that we know the ingredients to create Zero Point Energy devices, we also know the ancients had these elements and ingredients in abundance. Could these explain the heavier than air machines carved into their great works? Were they manipulating the Casmir effect thousands of years ago? By creating variable magnetrons with only supplies available to the ancient Egyptians, and using the self sustaining Ark of the Covenant as a power source, could they have had focused directed beam e-weapons such as a mazer? What else could they have achieved with such a power source? Did they really know the true electrical nature of the gold they coveted? Did they realize its incredible unmatched radio suppression properties?

Could they have built a Rife machine.. they sure had the equipment to run and create them, could this explain the persistent legends of immortality? Gems such as rubies and emeralds can be used for all manor of healing and communication, ancient lasers? Looking at the famous carvings of what was supposedly a human sized light bulb... what if it wasn’t a bulb, but a vacuum tube? That’s what was responsible for the entire Philadelphia Experiment, banks of vacuum tubes, capacitors and generators... the experiment reportedly phased things and people right out of this dimension. Drawing another parallel to another mystery surrounding another ancient race with pyramids, the Mayans, is this how an entire race of people disappeared overnight? Ancient sub-space inter-dimensional travel? Has John stumbled upon the missing technological link? Does it go as far back as Atlantis? Perhaps some of you have heard that "scientists say the entire planet's energy needs could be provided for with the energy contained in one cubic foot of space?" They don’t elaborate all that much on he method for doing this, but according to our research, one would begin to harness this Zero Point Energy by creating a massive vacuum within this space.

To create a flow, one would need to establish a resonance (oscillation/waveform), and a one way gate (diode) which is how a vacuum tube functions. We will be discussing these potentials and detailing some existing prototypes in the Noble Gas sections. My point being, if this bulb was indeed a vacuum tube, it could have potentially limitless power and applications in the ancient world. Was Ancient Egypt a time of extremely educated beings ruling over unenlightened unaware masses? This site is an effort to make sure that this trend is not continued into our own times. Our current translators of hieroglyphics continuously replace words such as levitate with ascension, twisting the meanings of many ancient texts to appear as though they are just religious in nature, not based in physical reality. We believe these recreated devices using only supplies the ancients would have had will speak for themselves. John shares his discoveries freely in hopes we can all participate in a pollution free, resource abundant society. For all the romantic sedimentality of ancient Egypt, I'm sure it was no easy way of life for most. Our times are not shaping up in any better way. Check out the links below, and decide for your self if any of our suppositions are plausible, or just mere coincidence.

The prologue for the book: Unfolding the Labyrinth: Open Problems in Physics, Mathematics, Astrophysics and other Areas of Science

has been taken from this site with the permissions Of the writer Adrien Stone & John Hutchison

You can get the entire book in pdf format for free in our Members Area under document downloads

link to: Google Books

· Publisher: Hexis - Phoenix (October 1, 2006)

· Language: English

· ISBN-10: 1599730138

· ISBN-13: 978-1599730134


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