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(due to personal attacks, John has decided there will be no more forums, thanks to the trolls)

Long before many of you now reading this were born, John Hutchison was tinkering with the laws of physics in ways that most mere mortals find difficult to believe. When he was a younger man, growing up in North Vancouver, B.C. Canada, he was a child of a wealthy decent couple with a good position in society. He was home schooled by some very interesting teachers, and the entire world was his classroom, unlike today's curriculum which confines students to their desks, even before they enter the workforce. As such, John has had many different ideas that normal people didn't have.

Having studied, Tesla, Einstein, Townsend, Moray, Rife, just to name a few, John's path seems to have been chosen for him. John was aware that Thomas Edison electrocuted puppies in public to cause people to fear ac power. John was aware that Nikola Tesla had been using radio to cure tuberculosis in the late 1800's, and applied for the patents for radio in 1897, 3 years before Marcconi. Edison's influence had helped Marcconi receive that patent, even though his apparatus used Tesla's patented Tesla coils in the design.

John was always well aware, that history is written by the victors, not from fact. Had John known that he would be following in Tesla's footsteps in more than one respect, in his discoveries, and his betrayals, he would have done things differently from the beginning.

John created these videos to share his discovery with the world. But with all amazing creations, there are usually some side effects. Such as the internet for instance. What an amazing resource, how small the world has become, and how vast at the same time. A negative side effect of this marvelous invention is known as the internet troll, aka the armchair skeptic.

In response to why didn't he do this, or that if he wanted to prove his experiments were not fake?

If you put yourself in his shoes for a moment, you can see things a little different. This entire discovery and all original footage was all pre-internet. These videos were recorded to share with science, not for you tube. And at the time, there was no doubt that he would be able to reproduce the effect on demand for any interesting, interested parties. In 1986, he had major funding lined up, and major connections into the government, he had his own ray gun at expo 86 and was the center of attention each time he set it off. To take "Proof" videos, one would need to believe it was all coming to an end, the connections, the funding, the partners, the business, and the movie offers. The government connections would keep his videos, and deny agreements and go silent, the "partners" would each steal what they could, and go on to acquire millions of dollars in funding, and his laboratories would be forcibly seized when he was lured out of the country. To even conceive all of these things conspiring to challenge his ability to reproduce this effect would have been just plain paranoia at the time the videos were recorded. For instance, why would you film yourself scratching your own nose, so you could prove that you had done it, previous to losing your arms, especially if you had no idea at the time that you would lose your arms..? John never intended as he filmed to prove anything. He could do the proving in his labs, and had already done so, and aired on many national news networks. He had nothing to prove, and still does not. He shares what he wishes, with those who would like to see it.

At first John was betrayed by his country who forcibly stole his video tapes, and then shortly after, took his lab. A decade later, even though a court ordered the return of the items, they have not been recovered. Moreover, the city of New Westminster had an agreement with John, he was to keep the experimentation to a minimum in his subsequent lab, and he would be allowed to keep his new apartment lab. Once this web site went public however, the mayor had been alerted that John had been continuing his experiments, the fire marshal ordered John to remove all the contents of his lab. John complied, and has since left Canada for good. He has moved on to build a mobile laboratory out of an old swatt team bus, so if it needs to be removed, he may do so in 5 minutes, and merely turn a key.

John continues his experiments to this day, and travels around the united states with his mobile lab.

After years of speculation, stalkers, harassment, and unfounded postulations, John has decided it is time to release the video below which seems to show the samples disappear as they rise. We discovered this together while editing some video for this web site. He has previously been sent analysis reports from the Canadian government that described his samples disappearing in the videos he sent them. However, he noted that he never saw it, they must have slowed down the video. So we downloaded virtual dub, a free video editor, and had a look frame by frame.

To our astonishment, we found what the government had described.

Each sample seemed to vanish just as it was levitated. It was as though the object was separated into a different dimension and seems to have been jerked out of its form, leaving behind a shadow, and it jerks back into the sample, then repeats again, as we go frame by frame. There is one oddity, at a certain point in the video, there are 2 different metallic blobs that just appear between the frames, no splice, or edit..they just showed up.

In Summary, John has come a long way from those days when he first caught media attention for creating his own balloons out of nylon with his own chemistry set, covered them with tinfoil, filled them with his own home made hydrogen and transmitted wireless radio frequency that lit them up like light bulbs as they floated across the sky, as he blacked out everyone's television signal. Tesla used to do similar experiments, but John did it in the sky. The number of ufo reports in Canada has likely been reduced since John left.

  • A couple of things for the record, John never named this effect, the Canadian government did, contrary to what some have said.
  • John was home schooled, and was never a Dr, nor a scientist holding any scholarships or degrees of any kind, other than honorary degrees bestowed upon him out of respect for the institutions that have done so, nor has he claimed to be anything other than "..a discoverer of nature's secrets..". He does not refer to himself as Dr. If someone else referred to him as Dr, he would likely mock the thought of it by putting his pipe in his mouth and giving his best Sherlock Holmes impression with his faux British cockney accent.
  • John didn't make these original videos for proof of anything. Only to share his experience with those who could not personally attend the experiments at the time.

A parting thought, John is nearly 70 years old, and he doesn't really care what people think any more. If you enjoy it great, contact him if you want to say hi, he's very open to that. For those people who slander him, and want to demand proof, and make unfounded ugly statements because of their own fears, paranoia and ego, you should really ask yourself's, who are you any ways? What is your contribution, what are your credentials, and who asked for your critique? And how is it that John, OWES the world anything? Some of you who like to take turns kicking a 70 year old man when he's down, your trolls and should be flogged. If the world was a fair place where people actually did cooperate for the benefit of mankind, and got everything that they earned, we would all have free wireless power by now, there would have been no recent atomic disaster, and John would have the nobel peace prize for his contribution. He tried to have open forums, and host an open exchange of ideas and technology to inspire people. Each forum was continiously disrupted by the same little group of trolls, and shut down by John is frustration, and still, the forum is shut down.

It seems John's work will be instead put to use in darker corners, such as Haarp, based upon his work, controlling metallic elements dumped upon us by our own governments, known as chemtrails, another fallacy right? And the trolls contributed to the success of this unstoppable wireless ugliness, and just helped Japan murder the entire pacific ocean. Happy fishing.. enjoy your fish sticks and bargain priced Japanese lobsters. People just wouldn't listen, until it was too late. Maybe we can call this new radioactive state of the world the Troll Effect. All those types are good for is trying to rip something down that they could not have possibly built in the first place.

If you have any questions, ask John. He just might respond

Email: [email protected]


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