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The Bermuda Triangle (aka the Devil's Triangle) is a three-sided zone in the Atlantic Ocean stretching approximately from Miami, Fla., to Bermuda to San Juan, Puerto Rico. Planes, boats and people go in to the Bermuda Triangle, and some of them don't go out. This in itself is not particularly remarkable. There are many places in the world which have the ethereal and mystical quality known in scientific circles as "being very dangerous."


No, the Triangle's claim to fame is pretty much centered around the particular penchant for the aforementioned boats and planes to disappear without a trace. No wreckage, no bodies, no survivors. Just "bye-bye to reality"... Which is the mantra we must utter before delving into the Triangle ourselves.


The historical root of the Bermuda Triangle legend dates back the time that superstitious Europeans first hit the Atlantic Ocean in their flimsy little boats. Columbus, in 1492, ran into a strange oceanic phenomenon known as the Sargasso Sea, which is not coincidentally located in the center of the triangle.


John Hutchison and Ronnie Milione are experts in their fields where military stealth, radio, and radar equipment is concerned. This world famous duo teams up in a documentary series to demonstrate a legendary engineering challenge to capture data from the BERMUDA TRIANGLE, and attempt to recreate different reported phenomenon on a controllable scale. The object is to bring the first scientifically recorded phenomenon into the laboratory where they may be reproduced, and studied further. New equipment and instrumentation is being fabricated by John since 2006. Some of the pretests have already begun in miniature with John's Hutchison-effect lab equipment. Here is a link to that video section


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