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Ark of the Covenant Return to Eden

All of the most ancient recorded writings throughout the cultures have a made reference to a certain box. This was a box of great magical power, this was a box that was used to transmute the morning dew into seed to feed an army that went about the planet and killed those who would not follow them with this same magical box. I know what you might be thinking... no it was not a box of Nutra-Sweet (aspartame) nor was it a box of MSG... This particular magical box came to be known as the Ark Of The Covenant.


Ark 3

This picture depicts the Ark of the Covenant being used by the Israelites to kill the Philistines, notice the Israelites are wearing nor carrying nothing made of metal...


This picture depicts the temporary home of this box, until the Tabernacle could be built to house this terrible awesome power.


John Hutchison had a theory about the magical box, and it goes something like this... The box it's self is a capacitor, the poles antenna, the cherubim a spark gap, and the carpeting shrouding it a medium capturing ambient AC current, storing it, then slowly charging it back through the antenna. In other words, a self charging capacitor static scavenging unit.

Bluebook Films

The Discovery Channel decided to put John's theory to the test and hired Bruce Burges of Bluebook Films to make a documentary. The title of this documentary is The Ark of the Covenant Revealed.

Over $6000 dollars was spent on the woodworking alone. For some reason the funding was cut, the cast and crew left largely unpaid, the film ended up in litigation released to no one, shelved for 2 years. John took what meager amount of cash they did give him and spent it to finish the production. Dan the woodworker while in care of the Ark, property of the Discovery Channel, claimed to have destroyed it in a fit of rage without so much as a phone call to the owners, or John who lived 5 minutes away. Dan was the only one who was paid in full by the way. Bruce Burges remains elusive to this day for some reason. Bluebook Films
John And the First Ark

This film was the last film he ever finished for the Discovery Channel, having had a previously untarnished reputation for making outstanding productions for Discovery. Why all the chaos? Perhaps it is political, perhaps Bruce embezzled the money, no one knows for sure. There were a few interesting details about the production I haven’t covered yet.... The Ark worked!! But that's not all, there were orbs and entities that became apparent. Very apparent, in person and on camera. These entities have been described as "Angelic Beings of Light" wearing what seemed to be robes, flying into and out of a portal that ignited out of the plasma ark between the cherubim. One of the orbs is shown in the top right portion of the top left picture below.

Orbs of Light

When we finally got a copy, what do you know, a full hour of these beings had been edited down to 60 seconds, an orb and a zippy little insect light creature can be seen, however, these anomalies are not acknowledged what so ever in the narration of the film. In light of an apparent cover up, and yet another suppressed technology, we now bring you The Ark of the Covenant II Return to Eden documentary series. Out of our own pockets, not to be suppressed or bought off. We have increased the potential, the duty cycle and used supplies readily available to anyone and affordable as well. Some ancient writings say this device is a radio to "God". There is strong evidence to support the plausibility that this device is also capable of generating a modulated radio frequency, we will explore this possibility further later on. With John's permission, I will be posting the exact details, schematics, supplies, and exact price list. Step by step photographs of the entire procedure, and some alternatives and variations. I have a list of experiments and proof of principals to conduct as well. This will not be exactly like the first one John built for the Discovery Channel, this one will have a 100% duty cycle and be carefully "tuned". The voltage will be measured and collected by rectennas, noble gas will be generated, and captured, camera mounted in the box, a scale checking it's weight to see if it is consistent, home made vacuum tubes with the captured noble gas, powered by rectennas, are but a few examples of the theories John and I have about the famous "light bulb" and "transformer" carvings found on the walls of many Egyptian temples. I believe it was a vacuum tube, and those massive pyramid blocks were “Hutchisoneffected” into place with tunable scalar frequencies emanating from the static scavenging, self powering capacitor known as the Ark of the Covenant. We couldn't be less interested in the one that is considered "Holy". Our interest is in the suppressed technology right under our noses for thousands of years, and our right to take these plans, and fire it up. Stay "TUNED" folks.




The best known set of instructions for this device is in the bible, In Exodus 25:10 after the Hebrews had left Egypt God gave instructions to Moses regarding the building of the Ark:

........Have them make a chest of acacia wood - two and a half cubits long, a cubit and a half wide, and a cubit and a half high. Overlay it with pure gold, both inside and out, and make a gold molding around it. Cast four gold rings for it and fasten them to its four feet, with two rings on one side and two rings on the other. Then make poles of acacia wood and overlay them with gold. Insert the poles into the rings on the sides of the chest to carry it. The poles are to remain in the rings of the ark; they are not to be removed.

Make an atonement cover of pure gold - two and a half cubits long and a cubit and a half wide. And make two cherubim out of hammered gold at the ends of the cover. Make one cherub on one and the second cherub on the other; make the cherubim of one piece with the cover, at the two ends. The cherubim are to have their wings spread upward, overshadowing the cover with them. The cherubim are to face each other, looking toward the cover.

There above the cover between the two cherubim that are over the ark of the Testimony, I will meet with you and give you all my commands for the Israelites.....................


So these are the basic texts we are working from, however, we are using the Egyptian cubit as our measuring standard, and John Hutchison's design for the inner workings. We are making some basic engineering assumptions regarding design, #1, the authors or editors of the biblical passage, suppressed the exact nature of this box. This is shown by the impossibility of an acacia box withstanding the weight of a mercy seat made of pure gold. #2 the box was electrical in nature, most likely a capacitor, and if so had an ability to charge its self. #3 the inside likely contained simple transformers. As a result, we have modified certain aspects to conform with our hypothesis, and subsequent schematics.


Here are the basic sketches that we are working from, drawn by John.

Ark Draft

We started with 7 sheets of 3/4 " spruce plywood pre cut in the store @ 25$ per sheet, use no treated woods as they contain copper, Two tesla coils wound opposite ways 30" high, transceiver type tunable with a few extra turns. 6" pvc white plastic pipe, black has carbon in it... Just use white pvc only 10' @ 57$. 1/2" copper pipe coils, bendable water pipe, we bought 2 rolls of 60' each, might only use half of that, @ 153$. #22ga wire 6lbs, (we bought 10lbs) @20$. 4 2x2's pre cut 32" long, @8$, 1 gallon of shellac urethane @32$, 6 spray cans of same 4$ each, 4 liters of polyester resin @42$ and two meters of cloth @13$. Several flats of sand paper @2$ each.

Supplies 2

Mercy Seat 1

The entire outside of the box will be lined with aluminum foil, silver plated is better... 1/64" thick, First use the resin to seal the inside of the box with fiber glass cloth around the bottom corners. Allow the resin to fill the grooves in the rough plywood. Now it's water or (grapefruit juice) proof. Line the inside of the box with copper or aluminum foil of any thickness, minimum 1/64". Stop 2.5" from the top inside and out to prevent voltage leaking.

Ark II

The mercy seat interlocks into the top of the box, then 3 more pieces so the numbered pieces from bottom to top go as follows #5, #3, #7, #4. Cap that with a piece of marble 30 1/4" x 50 3/4". A granite quartz slab has a resonating effect, but mostly I just used this for durability. The original suffered 1" burns, and I don't want to make a new seat every time we fire it up. For testing purposes, we used granite and marble stone tile on our "test" mercy seat. We found the grout to be conductive, and the granite was a spectacular short. All the tile was smashed off, and a one piece marble slab installed on the top. The measurements are staggered to allow for your choice of non-conductive molding. The cherubim, or griffins, or eagles or whatever you use as a spark gap will seat in the top of each coil, making a spring loaded contact with the inside coil.

Mercy Seat

There are 10 turns in the primary coils 1" apart, there are a couple of extra turns, but we want it there for experimenting. 2x2s or teflon plastic could be used, but we felt the wood was more loyal to the original design. Cut to length, stagger, and use a blade bit to drill the holes for the isolators. Heavy nylon string soaked with resin works to bind the primary coils in their 2x2 isolators, also once bound, take 3/8" wooden dowel and drill and pin them shut for a more permanent solution.

Primary 2x2's

The suggested capacitors for each coil are going to be 13 in series, white mica doorknob type with 1\4 inch threaded ends.160 volts from the variac, a triple brass ball adjustable spark gap, as well as rotating cherubim to increase or decrease the distance between them. This version can be charged with a neon sign transformer (15000kv 60ma) to charge things up and activate the metals so they are more sensitive to ions. We will have a couple of different versions as time permits. You can use other self charging variations, such as building your own tabernacle tent, or an arid desert location. I will post all of the variations eventually and the reasoning and discussion behind them.

Brass Ball Gap

Finished Coil Draw Through

When winding the secondary coils, start 1" up from the bottom, drill a small hole. pull through a foot or two, shoe goop the hole closed, wind it perfectly until you get 1" from the top, roughly 980 turns or so, then pull an extra foot or two through a small hole 1" from the top, shoe goop that closed too. Use urethane shellac, or polyester resin to coat it liberally. The cherubim will make contact with the top wire inside the tube with a copper spring loaded brass stud and nut soldered to the top inner wire that compresses each tube when the lid (mercy seat) is lowered onto the pipe caps. Use springs brass studs, and silver dollars with holes drilled in them. Do not substitute the silver for less noble metal, perhaps copper will work as well.


First we needed to figure out the kind of poles to use, and why. We settled on oak banister railings, and covered then with aluminum tape. We felt that this would be more inclined to collect energy as antenna if they were made of covered wood, it also keeps with the original design from the bible. The hardware used to connect them was muffler c-clamps, and furniture claw nuts. Bust the claws off, and counter sink the inside holes 1/4" mount the poles and seal the hole with fiberglass resin once the wires, one for each side, have been soldered in place. The poles are going to be re-configurable, they will be insulated from the outside of the box by the trim that covers the outer rim and corners, and make a connection with the inside, (positive) by the wires counter sunk into the attachment hardware. They could also be attached to make contact with the outside, (negative) You wouldn't want to pick it up when charged.. The box, carries a charge lethal enough to make glass conduct. We want to experiment to see if it collects more one way, or another. Time will tell, I suggest those that want to make an Ark, make it in such a way that it can be varied, rewired, and experimented with.

Ark Poles


Warp Core

When finished winding things in their opposite directions, mount the apparatus on a piece of plywood about 21"x51"x3/4" thick. This way nothing changes positions between experiments... The "Warp Core" can be ejected if you want to change up or maintain it. Screws hold it together until you can drill and glue in 5/16" dowels in their place. !4 " table legs are mounted in the corners of the tray so 2 people can carefully pick up the unit without touching the coils .2x6 framework in the center of the tray isolates the vital components such as the spark gap, NST, and capacitor banks. There is UV protective lexan over the spark gap compartment will shield everyone's eyes during operation, regular lexan covers the rest, and rubber stair nosing on the corners holds the glass in place. Heavy duty chokes are mounted to the outsides of the 2x6 frame. A piece of 2x4 in the center if the pipe, pinned and glued to the tray holds the secondary coils where they are. Once everything is glued, take a pint of urethane or polyester resin and coat the whole tray evenly, and 22ga wire coils, this will keep everything intact. John uses 50 coats for durability, 6 minimum, you decide where to stop.

Spark Gap

The Ark is required to be insulated from the ground by at least 4". We have chosen to attach castors at one end, and feet at the other. Put together your version of "feet" and trace them onto the bottom. Use deck-screws to temporarily hold them in place after holes have been drilled from the outside in, and weld-bond glue has been applied between the surfaces. At this point turn the box upright, get into it, and follow your pilot holes back into the tacked on feet. Use the same 5/16" dowels pins with weld-bond glue to pin the feet. Let sit overnight, then, remove the screws that were holding the feet in place. These holes can be filled with resin when its time to line the inside with foil.

Ark And Foil

We have decided to use heavy duty tinfoil as the conductor. The main reason for this is to keep the costs reasonable. Our intent is also to demonstrate this can be done very well for a very reasonable cost. However, if money is no object silver would be the best material for conducting, copper would be a close second. The bottom must be done first, then the outside, keeping in mind there needs to be a 3" space between the top, and where your foil stops to prevent leakage. We are using fiberglass polyester resin to glue the foil to the box. We are using common automotive bondo to fill in the plywood. The reasoning behind these choices is adherence, as well as durability and fire proofing. Bondo fill any imperfections, let dry, sand. I'm using approximately 1 liter of resin for each long side. Any bubbles that can't be smoothed out, must be "popped" and smoothed into occasional spots where the resin has left a recess. The mechanics of the capacitor require no airspace between the conductor, and the insulator. Don't despair when the resin is imperfect, just smooth the foil in.

Duct Tape

After the four outsides have been lined properly, use heavy duty aluminum duct tape to join the foil where there is a seem, also along the corners for strength. Trim must be applied before lining the inside. Clamp the precut finished trim of your choice to the corners. Use a depth gage on your drill as to not go right through the trim from the inside out. Glue, and peg all of the trim that you want attached from the inside out just as we had done for the feet. We picture frame each side with nice looking wood trim painted gold then varnished. Varnish is an insulator, but paint will conduct energy, so if you want to paint the top 3 inches, you must varnish over it with several coats to keep the capacitor from shorting to the inside lining. After the trim is installed, the poles may be installed. Once the poles are dry fit, remove them and fill all the grooves and holes on the inside and line with foil as well stopping 5" from the top.

Pegs and poles

**WARNING** Once there is foil on both sides of the plywood, the box has the potential to charge!!! Carpet, dry winds, passing clouds and or storms are but a few possible sources of electricity capable of charging the box. Keep the inside shorted the outside at all times except during use. Glass, many plastics, even wood can become conductive at these extreme voltages. There was a university student killed during the making of such a box because this precaution was not known to them. This has not yet been tested in proximity to gasoline either, so be careful.. it is likely to cause an explosion if near combustibles. Static electricity needs only a carbon trail to follow to travel. **


John Hutchison's hand drawn schematics for the inner workings of the Ark of the Covenant
Schematics Schematics


If space is a consideration, you might want to consider building a smaller version, reduce all of the dimensions by half. Apparently John fired his small version up in his lab and little orbs and entities became visible as well..

Mini Ark
First Ark Of the Covenant

As for grounding, just get some wire and hook alligator clips to it and short it out, grounding wont help, short the outside to the inside of the box or it will collect, if you ground the outside to your water pipe for instance you just helped it charge, the outside is negative, inside positive. keep the poles out of it when not in use, they are like antenna, they collect too. Short out the secondaries, to the cherubim as well. Look up salt water capacitor, it may help people understand what the box is, look up also home made tesla coils too...

The project is not entirely finished, however it's quite close to completion and a few tests have already commenced. I have been saturating the eagles with high frequency voltage to make them better collectors. I have also used the box as a tank capacitor in the coil circuit. After some more private tests and calibration, John will embark on his documentary series The Ark of the Covenant II Return to Eden, unfolding the ancient shroud of mystery that surrounds this most ancient device and all the potentials that will become evident as the experiments progress. Cathode tubes, mazers, radio transmission, transmutation, noble gas and ozone generation, and of course the Hutchison Effect itself will all be attempted with only supplies accessible to the ancients. Perhaps culminating in Egypt's Giza Plateau to find out just what it would take to lift one of those massive ancient stones, first with John's modern equipment then replicating it in ancient solid state. If there is any measure of success, perhaps one of the wonders of the ancient world will be a little closer to understanding. I can assure John's fans he will leave no stone unturned along the way! Thank you to all of John's supporters all along the way as well, out pouring of support of thousands of fans is all the zero point energy John needs to motivate him. Upon the completion of the series of experiments to follow, the Ark of the Covenant will be auctioned off to the highest bid in order that John may fund his next wave of experiments and productions. The price has not yet been set, nor has the auction method been chosen. The only working Ark of the Covenant in existence designed by John Hutchison, as well as royalties from his series is sure to provide enough financial freedom to allow John to delight generations of future children. Independent scientists like John Hutchison ensure there will be a future for our children to grow into with his next wave of Zero Point energy devices. These are created for and released to the general public for scrutiny and use in their most simplified forms with the full schematics and plans. There will be no need for patents. Peace.

Coils Testing

Small eagles

Article written by Adrien Stone; Reprinted with permission

as the prologue for the book: Unfolding the Labyrinth:

Open Problems in Physics, Mathematics, Astrophysics and other Areas of Science

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· Publisher: Hexis - Phoenix (October 1, 2006)

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